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Project developed with Alfonso Agudelo

The colombian bus industry have a lot of challenges for the future. A FTA with South Korea, low technification and the presence of big companies in the local market are some of them.
In the difficult scenario of compete with volume in production, the mobile units (special vehicles) are an alternative to the local companies. This kind of product is manufactured in extremely short lines, sometimes a unique development is required per vehicle.
Aica is the design proposal of exterior design for this product, giving to the visual aesthetics of the vehicle an emphatic feeling, something desired for the service companies that uses this solutions.



What is a mobile unit?

Specially configured vehicles for promotion and services to the public.


Show room




Fixed location




Fixed location


traveling location



Why so many angry faces?

Generate empathy

Visual aesthetics exploration

Aica: applications and configurarions

Access system for the reduced mobility persons