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Renault Twisted Concept

Project developed with Angélica Blanco and Cristiam Salazar

Mobility is one of the biggest problems that Bogotá, Colombia have. Their inhabitants everyday are more conscious about the importance of this issue, because interferes with their daily lives. However, the lack of planning in infrastructure and the increasing number of cars and motorbikes suppose a number of challenges for the future.
Twisted is a city car, which size and weight have been reduced to minimize their social and environmental impact. Twisted is one of the steps in the transition between the current and the next mobility stage



The customer are college students between 18-25 years old
The vehicle should not have a total length of 3 meters
The vehicle must have 4 wheels



Oversized vehicles. In average, a car transports 1.7 persons in most travels.

The sheet metal in the body increases the energy need for motion and construction

 Constant increases in the cost of petrol derived products 

 The price of the average car is high, making it un-accessible for most students in developing countries  

The young people aren't interested in cars as much as years ago.

Design criteria

Must use alternative fuel 8Electricity, hidrogen, etc)
Must carry 2 people at least.
Must have a contemporary design
Must have not metallic bodywork
Must be a low cost alternative




Conceptos básicos

Seduction: Grace in the material feel
Complex simplicity
Smaller is smarter