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Accesorios Yamaha Fino

Project developed with Alfonso Agudelo and Daniel Pachón

Incolmotos Yamaha (Colombia) wished position, through the offer of accessories for personalization, their new product, the scooter “Fino” in a market segment, which included men and women from 18 to 24 years old, inhabitants of medium and large Colombian cities.
We proposed a series of accessories that strengthened the retro image of the motorcycle, an attribute desired by the customer, and in addition, increased its load and storage capacity, especially considering the electronic devices that are part of the consumer's life.


Yamaha Fino

What to offer?

Personal taste
Aspirational product

Urban Market

The Yamaha Fino offers a series of tributes that position it in the market as a different scooter option. It stands out for its retro style, its ease of use and its purely urban design.

The user interested in this motorcycle not only seeks to adapt to their lifestyle, but to enhance the communication of the identity that this builds



Break the routine



M/F 18-25 y/o


Mobile office

To be noticed


Retro Style


Always connected

Sketching and development

Determined needs:

Higher load capacity
Customization possibilities
Elements with addes aesthetic value
Elements that allow to safely load electronic gadgets

Textures, materials and cultural references

Inspiration and sketches

Accesories Yamaha Fino


Specially designed so that it can be coupled to the additional grills of the motorcycle. It offers a variety of linings to personalize it. It has different compartments to store electronic elements


It allows securing the case, besides being able to open to allow larger loads. It is made of stainless steel, which gives a shine that combines with the style of the motorcycle


The system is adjusted to the user, according to their needs in each trip. It allows to secure the load and is compatible with other accessories that are already on the market